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Flat Free Savings

Flat Free vs. Run Flat Tires

Flat Free

Cost per vehicle : Less than $30 per car

Duration of repair : Legal life of the tire

Speed at which tire can be used : Unlimited

Additional equipment : None

Does tire need repair afterwards? : No

Does spare tire need to be installed? : No

Run Flat Tire

Cost per vehicle : Over $210.00 per tire

Duration of repair : 50 miles

Speed at which tire can be used : 55 MPH

Additional equipment : Pressure sensor Required at $400.00 per system

Does tire need repair afterwards? : Yes, after 50 miles

Does spare tire need to be installed? : Yes, after 50 miles

WINNER: The FlatFree Advantage

As you can see, Flat Free is the perfect and logical alternative to Run-Flat Tire technology. Although Run-Flat Tire Technology is great and it works, it is still an expensive and temporary solution to flat tires. The owners of Run-Flat Tires still have to repair the punctured tire at an additional cost to them.

The danger of changing a flat tire on the highway is too great to ignore. Flat Free is the perfect solution for your flat tire prevention a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

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Flat Free Industrial Savings

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Provide us with a little information about your company's fleet, and we will show you how much money you could save simply by adding Flat Free to your fleet's tires.

If your fleet uses vehicles other than tractor/trailers, just put the number of pieces of equipment you have in the first line.


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