Flat free easy installation

Formulation & Installation

A Specialized Formulation

Flat Free's Industrial Formulation is for heavy-duty applications where extra protection is needed, such as construction equipment, farm machinery, and off-road tires. Its extra-thick composition enables Flat Free Industrial Formulation to increase life on industrial tires by maintaining proper inflation pressure and helps to prevent costly and irritating down time on equipment.

All Flat Free formulations are non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. In fact, each formulation even meets the requirements of the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65).

Who Should Use Industrial Flat Free?

Although regular formula Flat Free can be used in any pneumatic tire, tires that work off-road or are used on heavy machinery require the extra protection that Flat Free Industrial Formulation provides. Any tire that has additional exposure to sharp objects or is used on a heavy machine can benefit from using Flat Free Industrial Formulation. Customers who use Flat Free Industrial Formulation realize savings not only from a decrease in down time (and the associated repairs) but also from an increase in tire life.

Easy Installation Every Time...

Industrial Flat Free is just as easy to use and install as regular Flat Free. You simply pump the appropriate amount through the valve stem of the tire, and return the tire to proper pressure. The rest is completely automatic. Industrial Flat Free's unique blend of fibers and particles suspended in a glycol base will provide protection and any pneumatic tire for its entire life.

Increase Your Profits

Our distributors can enhance their profits considerably by using our marketing plans and materials to market industrial Flat Free to trucking companies, construction companies, the military, airports, limousine and taxi services, and anybody else whose tires are subject to severe treatment.

The Industrial Flat Free programs offer customized worksheets that your customers can use to figure directly how much savings they will realize by installing Industrial Flat Free. The program can then be tailored to suit the varying needs of individual customers. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart from any other tire sealant program. We even offer private labeling.

Go with a Company You can Trust

Any company you are looking to business with should be reputable and have experience in their field. ASI Chemical has been a leader in tire sealant exports for years. We are now expanding our operations on both a wholesale and retail level in the United States and abroad. We offer a complete information kit to prospective distributors, or can be reached by phone, mail, or fax.

Installing Flat Free

Retail Bottle Installation

Installing Flat Free from the retail kit is quick and easy. It takes just minutes to permanently treat the tires on a vehicle.

It's an easy "do it yourself" job. All you need is your Flat Free retail kit and a source of air. The valve core remover is included in the kit.

step1Snip 1/4 inch off tip spout.
step2Position valve core at 7 o'clock, remove valve core, and deflate tire.
step3Attach the plastic hose over the spout. Attach the other end of the hose to the valve stem.
step4Squeeze the bottle until the appropriate amount of Flat Free has been installed in each tire.
step5Replace valve core and inflate tire to recommended pressure.

5 Gallon Installation

Installing Flat Free from 5 Gallon pails is quick and easy. It takes just minutes to permanently treat the tires on a vehicle. In most cases, there is no need to completely deflate the tire, because the injection pump will pump against normal automotive tire pressure

  • Prime pump before installing in vehicle to insure an exact amount is installed in the tire. Make sure nozzle is attached to container so liquid returns to the container.
  • Set adapter (A) on proper amount to be installed in tires, based on chart.
  • Remove valve core from tire and allow to deflate.
  • Attach Quick Disconnect Valve to tire valve, pull pump handle up all the way (make sure adapter is on correct amount for tire) then press pump handle down to dispense Flat Free Tire Sealant.
  • Remove Quick Disconnect Valve from tire, replace the valve core and inflate to proper tire pressure based on recommended manufacturers requirements.

Installation Amounts Per Tire Type

* Automobile, motorcycle, van, truck, and motor home tires must be balanced prior to installation.

Please see dealer's chart for sizes and for non-automotive applications. View the Flat Free Installation Amounts Guide (1.01 MB, 4 pages)


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We’re very proud of the fact that all ASI products are produced the USA. Our 40,000 sq. foot facility in Central Florida has the capacity to produce 50,000 bottles of product daily; that includes bottling, labeling, capping and sealing.