What is flat free

What is Flat Free?

What is Flat Free?

Flat Free is a chemical solution tire sealant that when installed inside a tire, will provide full time protection against air loss for the entire life of a tire!

Flat Free is designed to seal
  • tread punctures
  • bead leaks
  • rim leaks
  • porosity
  • tube, tire or wheel-related leaks

Flat Free has a revolutionary chemical structure that causes this tire enhancer to continuously remain fluid so that it will immediately fill and seal any hole (up to 1/4") in the tread area where air can escape from the tire.

Because of this, Flat Free tire life enhancer gives you the benefit of much longer tire life coupled with less downtime and lower maintenance costs. Additionally, you will receive savings from maintaining proper air pressure.

Characteristics of Flat Free

This space-age product combines an ethylene-glycol based solution with natural fibers, artificial fibers, adhesion agents, drying agents, corrosion inhibitors, and other solids.

It is designed to keep the fibers and solids in constant suspension. Because there is no settling of the solids and fibers, Flat Free tire life enhancer is always ready to work for you -- no mixing, stirring, or other preparation is necessary.

The adhesion properties in Flat Free tire life enhancer -- coupled with the fact that it remains fluid when installed in the tire -- provides constant protection for all parts of the tire. Aerosol inflators provide temporary fixes at best.

Flat Free tire life enhancer is thixotropic.

That is, it thins rapidly when the motion increases, thereby maintaining an even layer of Flat Free tire sealant on all surfaces. Clean up is simple, just rinse with water.

Flat Free is ready for use.

NO mixing or special preparation is required. In fact, Flat Free's formulation is non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. So much so, that it even meets the requirements of the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65).

Flat Free also does not void tire manufacturer warranties or affect wheel balance if properly installed.  

How does Flat Free Work?

Flat Free tire life enhancer is installed quickly and easily through the valve stem. The average Installation (Bottle or 5-Gallon) time is just minutes per tire!

When the vehicle is driven, the fluid action of the solution causes the entire inside treaded surface area of the tire to be coated with Flat Free. These adhesion properties keep the solution in place at all times and keep Flat Free ready to seal any source of air loss.

It's that simple.

The tire is now protected from any puncture or other leaks for the remaining legal life of the tire!

Flat Free tire life enhancer also helps to dissipate the heat caused by road friction. This allows the tire to run much cooler; as a result of proper air pressure and cooler operating temperatures, you can get up to 30% more life from your tire.

When a puncture occurs,

the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and internal pressure forces Flat Free into the hole. A permanent seal is caused as the hole is packed with the fibers and other solids. Some of the material will go through the hole to the outside of the tire.

When this material is exposed to air, it dries and causes a permanent seal. When the puncturing object is removed, the vehicle should be driven in order to duplicate the above procedure. Once this has taken place, the seal is permanent and will last for the life of the tire.

Should the puncturing object be found after the vehicle was sitting for a long period of time, drive the vehicle before removing the puncturing object to allow the sealant to loosen up and spread. After about five (5) miles, remove the puncturing object and continue to drive.

Flat Free tire life enhancer will easily seal holes up to one-quarter of an inch in diameter. Larger holes will normally seal if they are near the center of the tread area. A puncture that occurs while driving the vehicle will seal almost instantly and very little air will be lost before a permanent seal is made.

For more information on tire care and safety,

please click to visit the Rubber Manufacturers Association. They have information on proper tire care, the benefits or proper inflation, the dangers of under inflation, and much more.

If you are interested in obtaining an International Flat Free Distributorship, click here for our distributor information page and fill out the available form.

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